Wearing life

Tribe34 is a premium brand of sneakers with creative and innovation in Savoir faire and the refinement of all the models, providing instant comfort styling, and strives toward versatile and multi-functional products for an active and modern LifeStyle.
New model
Confort Leather 3 Types of Leather TRB TECH Plus TRB Technology with our rubber outsole tread pattern

Our Sneakers

We wanted to share our passion about authenticity, craftsmanship and durable products which stand for a lifetime. We don’t like mass productions, we truly believe in slow fashion and every model in tribe34 is unique.

All Models of Tribe34 are built around four layers of innovative material: A high Quality leather, super-soft, contoured foam deck for instant comfort, a medium-density midsole for long-lasting support, and a high-density rubber outsole for traction, protection and durability. All Materials are based on High Quality, performance and Style.

  Authenticity Each model has a certificate of Authenticity of the product and the production number of that exclusive pair.