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Tribe34 is a premium brand of sneakers with creative and innovation in Savoir faire and the refinement of all the models, providing instant comfort styling, and strives toward versatile and multi-functional products for an active and modern LifeStyle.

For a better day – Tribe34 Ocean Project

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In recent years, images of vast flotillas of plastic bobbing on the ocean surface have become all too familiar. We regularly see pictures of idyllic tropical islands polluted with the detritus of our throwaway world. Beaches that once were littered with nothing but coconuts and driftwood are now marred with bottles, straws, food containers and…

Inspire yourself to live – Chapter 1

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Inspire Yourself to Live is the name of the new Tribe34 campaign. It aims to encourage the public to live more off-screen and to take advantage of the real-life experience in offline. The video shows  the lifestyle promoted by Tribe34, linked to the brand slogan  “Wearing Life” The best moments of life happen in offline.…

Alltime Red – Contest

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Between May 12 and 17, we will launch a contest that was announced through our newsletter. This contest consist in sharing the Alltime Red picture from our Facebook page on your personal Facebook page. The contest will end in may 17th at 23:59 … …and the follower who had more “Likes” was Pedro Salgado. Congratulations Pedro!…

Go Always Further

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go always further

Our New Collection for Spring Summer 2017 is called “Go always further” have inspiration in the surf culture. So who´s better to show us the surf culture than our National Surf Champ Carol Henrique. She inspired us, she always fights for what she wants, and always go further. So, she was the chosen one to…

Let the adventure begin!

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Adventure is a word that is so often used, but do you know what it means? What does it mean to be adventurous? Does it always have to be jump of an airplane or climb a mountain? The definition of adventure is something like “engaging in an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity”.…

What is the feeling of riding a wave?

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Surf is the most popular board sport ever invented and is highly addictive. There are over 20 million surfers in the world, and this number is growing faster than ever. Surfers only ride a wave for some seconds, and the waves of their lives just come once in a while. So, what makes this experience…

Tribe34& Opening Wave One- Look to all the Limited Editions

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Tribe34 aligns with Opening Ceremony to create the Wave One- Release, an exclusive limited edition sneaker, that utilizes the classic suede with Adventure style. Since the first realease this models were essentially avid skateboarders, surfers, bodyboards, Btt and the streetsytle. Choosing the Portuguese female Champion 2016 – Carol Henrique as Ambassador of the campaign “Always go…