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What is the feeling of riding a wave?

Surf is the most popular board sport ever invented and is highly addictive. There are over 20 million surfers in the world, and this number is growing faster than ever. Surfers only ride a wave for some seconds, and the waves of their lives just come once in a while.

So, what makes this experience so breathless and highly addictive? Surfers said that riding a wave is a breathless experience, adrenaline is on top and pump your hear and blood.

The sun, sand and salt water have a positive impact in health. It´s a relaxing and exciting experience.

As you are getting better in surfing, you want to surf more, to improve more, and go always ahead. Every wave brings a different feeling, only a surfer knows, it´s a great way of living, makes you feel alive.

You always want to explore more and discover new surf spots, there are waves in every corner of the world, each ridden wave is a personal story, and your first wave is always unforgettable.

Surfing photos are inestimable and truely pieces of art and surfboards are objects of design and desire.

Some say that riding a wave is like a “Perfect Storm”, look like you are flying and in perfect harmony with the nature.

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