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Tribe34 was born in 2005, out of an idea by a Group of 34 surfer friends, in Viana do Castelo, Portugal. All of them had a common passion, surf and the beach culture. With that fact they sowed a vision of creating a high-quality active and premium lifestyle brand.

To bring their vision to life, five of them started the creation of a shoe line and the management of the brand, setting up the production in Portugal, their Country, where they first produced the iconic nygma sneaker.

Since then, the brand draws on the spirit of the global life adventure to offer a premium lifestyle footwear for men, women and teenagers, as well as apparel that combines function and premium fashion for an active style life, combining the day life with the beach culture.

Tribe34 shoes are a premium product with creative and innovation design in Savoir Faire with the refinement of all the models providing instant comfort styling, and strives toward versatile and multi-functional products for an active style life .

The brand is also well known as a fusion of a modern style and a premium sportswear style. The brand supports the culture of all lifestyle watersports. We all got a sport inside us, right? It´s time to live it!

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All our products have an exclusivity orientation. Every sneaker contains its own identity accompanied with the letter of authenticity. Each model is a limited edition.

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Social Responsability

Being a brand associated with the environment and humanistic spirit, the practice of our products, we have always taking into social responsibility in the solutions we propose, seeking to encourage dialogue with society in meeting the needs of people. The environment and people are our greatest interest, so we always seak for the best solution and the choice for Eco-friendl systems and products.

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